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Mariah Carey is hard at work to promote her new single and video Touch My Body from her new album E=MC2 by making the rounds all over NYC this week ... here are a few pics from Mimi's visit to MTV's TRL yesterday (with her geeky vid co-star):

And here are a few pics of Mimi's visit to BET's 106 & Park (with only her bad self):

I think I liked her BET outfit much better than her MTV outfit (the red shoes do nothing for me). I quite like her new song but it took a few listens for me to get into it. The You Tube shout-out is a bit lame but the song is catchy ... I can't wait to hear what the rest of the album sounds like. Janet Jackson released her new album this week, then Mariah releases her album in April right before Madonna releases her album ... it's gonna be an all-out diva war. I wonder who's gonna make it on top. [Source]

The weather here in SoCal has finally started heating up and I couldn't be more pleased. Temps. got into the 80s yesterday which meant that it was time to put away those hoodies and sweaters and time to unpack the t-shirts and shorts ... or in some cases, the short shorts:

Photo credit: Splash News
Clearly, Lindsay Lohan was looking for the first chance to wear as little as possible and yesterday was the day ... as she attended one of her AA meetings and then attended one of her court-mandated driving classes. She also made yesterday the day to start showing off her diamond encrusted LL ring. Hot! I'm so glad the warm weather has finally come to town ... not that I'm all that interested in seeing L. Lo wear short shorts ... I'm more looking forward to wearing short shorts of my own :) [Source]

Well now ... it would seem that Amy Winehouse is having no problem finding dudes to hang out with while her husband Blake Civil-Fielder rots in jail on the charge that he attempted to pervert justice. First, Amy was hanging out with some other guy named Blake ... and now she's hanging out with an even newer guy named Alex who looks like her Blake (only more clean-cut and, um, clean) and is the man responsible for creating her trademark beehive hairdo:

Photo credit: Splash News and Mr. Paparazzi
Amy Winehouse emerged from rehab earlier this month looking better than ever, but less than three weeks on it appears the star has resumed her destructive lifestyle. The 24-year-old singer's was back to her bizarre antics last night as she made a late night run for a sugar fix at her local store, later roaming around London's Camden with just one shoe on. She was joined by celebrity hairdresser Alex Foden, the man responsible for her trademark beehive, and earlier, she'd spent the evening with 'Good Blake' - also known as teetotal photographer Blake Wood. It comes amid reports the Rehab singer is back on drugs as she struggles to cope with the absence of husband Blake Fielder-Civil, who has been in Pentonville Prison since November. Amy, who recently five Grammy Awards, is also said to self-harming again and last night she was seen with fresh red marks on her upper arm.

Hmmm ... she is sure finding lots of fun ways (and lots of fun company) to help pass the time while her husband languishes in jail. I'm *sure* he'll be happy to know that his Amy is being well taken care of while he sits in jail. [Source, Source]

Alas ... married to a superfamous, superbuxom celebrity one day ...

... and roaming the streets alone the next day. Life can be so cruel. [Source]

Last week, Aaron Carter was arrested in Texas for reckless driving and marijuana possession ... this week we finally get to see his mug shot and hear the tale as told by the local news paper:

A pop star spent a night behind bars last week, courtesy of the taxpayers of Kimble County. Sheriff's Deputy Billy Hull stopped Aaron Carter, 20, on Interstate 10 about noon on Thursday, February 21. Carter was driving a gold, 2009 Cadillac Escalade, carrying two pit bulls as passengers, when he was stopped and ticketed for speeding. When Hull discovered marijuana in Carter's vehicle, he arrested and jailed the young man, charging him with possession of marijuana, less than two ounces. Carter was magistrated at 9 the next morning by County Judge Delbert Roberts, where he entered no plea to the Class B misdemeanor and was released on a $2,000 bond. He was whisked away from the county jail by Deputy Hull to retrieve his dogs at a prearranged meeting behind the City Offices. Animal Control officer Carolyn Moore delivered Carter's dogs to him there. Carter was spotted later at CarQuest purchasing a new battery for his Escalade and signing autographs for a few fans. According to Kimble County Sheriff Mike Chapman, Carter had been pulled over for speeding on the Interstate through Kimble County, about three months ago. During his stay in Junction, city and county law officers worked together to make sure Carter was escorted around town with as little fanfare as possible. Once outside the county jail, two individuals who were not with Carter when he was stopped, a young male friend of Carter's and a woman identified as Carter's publicist, were aggressive in attempting to screen Carter from being photographed ... Various reports were circulating that Carter was bound for a home in Austin or to visit his father in Atlanta. According to published reports, a statement released by the singer's manager to Entertainment Tonight, said: "On his way to Florida bringing his two dogs to live on a large ranch, Aaron Carter was detained in Texas by a trooper for exceeding the speed limit by 5 mph. A search revealed a small amount of marijuana, a misdemeanor in this state. He sincerely regrets any embarrassment this caused to his family, friends and fans."

And there you have it ... Aaron Carter's first brush with the law. Why do I have a hard time believing that it will be his last. [Source]

A whole bunch of Heroes are featured in the new issue of Empire magazine
... including Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk and Wolverine:

Hee hee ... this mag is pretty much chock full of geek porn ... I can see the appeal :) [Source]

Hayden Panettiere is featured on the cover of the new issue of Seventeen magazine and in her interview she talks about why things didn't work out with her ex-boyfriend Stephen Coletti and what it feels like to be wanted by the police for standing up for what you believe in:

Hayden Panettiere is opening up about why she ended her romance with Laguna Beach alum Stephen Colletti. "I just knew I wanted to breathe," Panettiere, 18, says in the April issue of Seventeen. "I wanted to be single at the time. It just hit me like a ton of bricks: This is the time I need to be with myself. It takes such a secure person to be with someone like me—it takes so much confidence; it takes so much trust." Panettiere found a way to spend her time alone: campaigning for whales. A warrant was out for her arrest in Japan after she interfered in a dolphin hunt last year. "There's very little that scares me," she tells Seventeen. "I've always been a physical person. And I feel like a lot of time in this industry, a lot of people loan their face to a cause, which is great, but it doesn't do as much as getting out there and actually physically doing something." Panettiere doesn't apologize for being so outspoken. "I don't need to prove myself to anyone," she says. "I'm not that kind of person. I know myself much better now than I did [before]," she goes on. "And my opinions of things and my morals -- I am not as easily swayed as I used to be. And when you learn to accept yourself, the more you learn to be okay with yourself and know yourself, the easier it is to love somebody and allow them to love you."

Yeah, yeah, yeah ... this is all well and good but I think we really want to dirt. What is going on with Milo Ventimiglia? Will be hearing wedding bells soon? Could a baby be on the way? This is the stuff that we need, damnit! [Source]

Here is the full cover photo of the new issue of People magazine which features our very first look at Harlow Winter Madden posing with her mommy Nicole Richie:

PEOPLE has your first look at Nicole Richie and her daughter Harlow, born Jan. 11 in L.A. Richie, 26, and her boyfriend Joel Madden, 28, open up to PEOPLE about how parenthood has changed their lives – and the happy couple pose for an exclusive family photo album with their daughter (the latest issue of PEOPLE is on newsstands Friday). Says Richie of life with Harlow: "She gives life a whole new meaning and a whole new purpose."

Again, I love this pic ... I can't wait to see more. This is one of my favorite People magazine covers ... and, apparently, it's well loved by the folks at Best Week Ever, too. [Source]

And finally ... here's a little game ... can you guess who this celebrity is?

Click above to find out who it is
You may be surprised to find out that this celeb was once this innocent-looking back in school ... I know I was shocked to discover who it is. [Source]

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