Tuesday, 29 April 2008

APM trudges on

Some of the nominees posing for a group photograph after the Anugerah Planet Muzik 2007 press conference.
Some of the nominees posing for a group photograph after the Anugerah Planet Muzik 2007 press conference.

Plagued by controversies and criticisms, awards show Anugerah Planet Muzik is embarking on a rebranding exercise to improve its image, writes RADIN SRI GHAZALI.

WILL Anugerah Planet Muzik be seen as a playground rather than a serious music platform for singers around the region?

Set up eight years ago, it has been plagued by controversies and the awards show seems to be rather predictable with the same nominees and results every time.

Music pundits and critics questioned the significance of the show in comparison to more prominent ones like Anugerah Industri Muzik and Anugerah Muzik Indonesia.

However, the people behind APM are determined to change the fate of the awards. APM will go through a rebranding exercise this year.
“It will be more like the Billboards (an American chart show). We will have awards, music charts and more access to the awards show through mobile, radio and television,” said AMP 2008 executive producer and managing director of event management company Beyond DDB, Amin Hussein, during a recent Press conference.

“Our plans include launching Planet Muzik TV where people are able to get the rundown before the awards show and an inside look at the artistes,” he said.

The show will be aired three weeks before the awards presentation.

Acknowledging the dilemma presented by the domination of Indonesian music within the region, APM also plans to enhance its role in mediating the music industry.

It aims to close the gap between countries in promoting music around the region.

Amin believes that APM provides a crucial stage for Malaysian and Singaporean artistes to penetrate the Indonesian market.

“What better way of introducing our artistes than through the show. The exposure will be beneficial as people from around the region will be watching the show,” he added.

The show is also prone to inconsistency of participation from the countries involved, including Malaysia.

Malaysia only sent 66 nominees compared to Indonesia’s 442 nominees and Singapore’s 102 nominees in 2007.

“We have been under scrutiny. We fear that participation from Malaysia will decline due to criticisms. But we are relieved as there is an increase from the Malaysian side this year with 102 nominations.

“We have a panel of nine jury members comprising professionals from the industry including composers and journalists. They are credible and have gone through the list of nominees thoroughly for three days,” he said.

“The nominees from Indonesia have also gone through a screening process by Yayasan Anugerah Muzik Indonesia. This helps ensure quality,” said Amin.

Malaysia is hosting APM 2008.

“It was last held here in 2003 and we are glad to have Malaysia hosting the event again,” he said.

APM will be held on April 20 at KLCC Convention Centre at 9pm. The show will be carried live by Astro Ria (Channel 104) and radio station ERA.

Despite dominating the nominations, Indonesia has never hosted the awards show.

The show was supposed to be held in Jakarta last year but was shifted to Singapore and postponed to June instead of April.

“We faced technical problems in bringing the show to Jakarta but hopefully it will be held there next year,” said Amin.

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