Thursday, 10 April 2008

Preity Zinta- Bollywood pearl

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Preity Zinta Wants Women Power For Her IPL Team!
- Abid
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For Bollywood's woman of substance, Preity Zinta, the participation of women as spectators during the coming Indian Premier League (IPL) matches matters the most.

“I am looking forward to large spectators, especially women, to cheer up my team during the full of entertainment Twenty20 matches” said Preity Zinta.

The short duration of the new-format matches would also suit the women fans, who find difficult to spare a day to watch the game, added Zinta while maintaining that she was also proud to be the woman partner of the IPL team.

When asked, whether the women spectators would get some special treat or incentives during the matches, Zinta said such things were not in the plans.

“Though I love to sell tickets to women and indeed there will be better facilities but there will not be some special zones or incentives for them (ladies)”, said Preity.

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