Sunday, 11 May 2008


A picture of love. This is what LOVE is all about. A story that defines love from all kinds of perspective: between a teacher and a woman who runs a warung, a novelist and a bookstore girl, a graduate and the former lover, a married couple, and a country girl who gets to the heart of a young publisher.

LOVE tells the story in way never been told before, simple yet refreshing. Such a beautiful story, penned by the talented Titien Wattimena on scripts and who else to direct the movie, but none other than Khabir Bhatia. He is well known for his debut, Cinta, which bagged Best Movie in Malaysia's Film Festival 2007 that inspires in the making of LOVE, and Indonesian version of Cinta.

So, will Malaysia embrace LOVE?

Indonesians gave their heart away for LOVE when it was released in the cinemas last Valentine's all over the country and became the movie with highest gross ever. LOVE became the talk of the town, created a big fuss in the film industry when it manages to gather 10 of its well-known actors and actresses to be cast in one movie. Produced by 13 Entertainment, LOVE features five couples: Luna Maya - Darius Sinathrya, Laudya Chintya Bella - Irwansyah, Wulan Guritno - Surya Saputra,, Acha Septriasa - Fauzi Baadilla and Sophan Sophiaan - Widyawati with special appearances by Ariyo Wahab, Ajeng Sardi, Gading Marten, Linda Ramadanty and Joko Anwar. Music maestro, Erwin Gutawa were being entrusted with the music score, compliment with the vocals by the young daughter of his, the talented Gita Gutawa.

This collaboration of 13 Entertainment's and Grand Brilliance's first feature film were shot in 32 days, beginning October 15 until November 19, 2007. One story for all, says its producer, Kristo Damar Alam, LOVE is 'the' movie for the whole family to enjoy.

LOVE relates with 5 love stories in the complexity of the metropolitan Jakarta. Wrapped in beautiful cinematography by Edi Michael, LOVE scheduled for Malaysia release on April 24 is one of the films worth waiting for. LOVE is being distributed here by Grand Brilliance Sdn Bhd.

But, why waste on an Indonesian version when LOVE is just another Cinta?

If you have seen Cinta, the chances are you will wonder if LOVE is as good as Khabir's Malaysian debut. Cinta grips you with simple yet beautiful story which critics said revolutionised the way of film making in Malaysia. Cinta not only paved the way for new film makers and new way of film making, thus created new audiences and succeeded in pulling non conventional crowds, urban some may said, back to the cinemas. Never before a locally made movie created so much hype like Cinta.

So, how about LOVE?

Titen said, "In this movie, love are shown in many faces and because of that we came to realize that this is the movie worth enjoyed by all."

Kristo too, hopes that LOVE will meet everyone's needs. "There are those who compared the movie to Love Actually and few other movies. Obviously, it is a movie on simple kind of love, beautiful and fresh, that it is worth to be watched by everybody," said Krishto whose credits include Coklat Stroberi.

A Publicist, Ichwan Persada said in this movie, the meaning of love is translated in a wider scoop, "LOVE," he said, "is a film for everyone who believes in the strength of love. And LOVE is watchable not only to couples, but also husbands and wives, even families." LOVE, he stressed, is to be enjoyed by all ages and status.

A group of Indonesian bloggers who were invited to the premiere screenings of LOVE gave positive responds, citing it as "touching" with "great music score."

So, now perhaps LOVE?

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