Friday, 25 July 2008

Perkahwinan Mawi and Ekin- Wedding of the year?

Mawi and Ekin
Mawi as we all know, one of the most popular bachelor in Malaysia, one row with Anuar Zain, Nubhan, Awal Ashaari and other names which i did not mention here. Ok,now as for Mawi " WORLD", who is going to marrying Ekin, did not reveal his wedding plans. The media called Mawi as a "Mat No Komen" describing his attitude towards questions and rumors from fan and the media. So, when is he going to take Ekin as her wife. All fans have been waiting for "Perkahwinan EKin and Mawi" , which is going to be Wedding Of The Year?

However Mawi already give some hints, when the wedding took place. It was after Hari Raya Aidilfitri this year 2008. The exact date? You better ask Mawi and Ekin for that. They the one who's going to "Kahwin" anyway.

Some rumors said Mawi already prepared this and that, buying stuff from Dubai, Jakarta, also bought a one million price! How lucky Ekin was!

However, Mawi commented to media that he is not going to make any engagement event at this moment. He was planning a direct wedding with Ekin. So, Perkahwinan Mawi and Ekin will go on without pertunangan or what? Maybe Mawi thinks it was just a culture things, not religion. Ok, it's up to you Mawi! You the "world" right? So, as for me and fan, best wishes! I'll sure post out Mawi exclusive wedding pictures (gambar kahwin eksklusif Mawi dan Ekin) here in this artiskini blog. I bet that! So, keep coming back ok?!


  1. cepatla kawin wei..

  2. congrats Mawi! I lap u huhuhu

  3. I hate this guy hohoh


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