Friday, 22 August 2008

Avril Lavinge concert is ON!

Despite of the rumors saying that Avril Lavinge concert will be cutt of, now all of it cleared up. Avril concert will go on as schedule. For those who has bought the tickets, you're safe now.

The organisers of the Avril Lavinge gig finally got the permit from the ministry just an hour ago. The appeal was accepted by the ministry officials. Common sense has finally prevailed, I am told the intervention came from someone really high up, who thought this dilly-dally was a lot of nonsense. Hint - the Cabinet met today. The consensus, I am told, was that no one should give in to the PAS mullahs. The voices of the liberals and moderates must always be louder than the extremists. Other ministers also expressed support for the concert. But this simple application for a concert should have just been accepted and approved without having to get the higher-ups involved, surely they have more pressing issues to handle. But what a right thing has to be done. See you at the concert!

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