Friday, 29 August 2008

Gambar Artis Cun FOUZIAH GHOUS

Who doon't know this cute girl, FOUZIAH GHOUS or her real name Nor Fauziah Mohd Ghous. At the age of 25 she already gained name in the arena of Malaysia entertainment industry. Fouziah Ghous name rise really fast. What a lucky girl. She have perform in numerous drama such as Enigma, Cinta Medik, Impak Maksima, and the latest one Sutera Maya which will be out soon.

Latest Picture of FOUZIAH GHOUS in white..(courtesy picture- kosmo)

As in films, have played a big role in Malaikat Maut, Skrip 7707, Rasukan Ablaska and also Sifu dan Tonggak. In kosmo, Fouziah Ghous whose working as a stewardess previously, keep saying that she did not want to wear sexy clothes. Hrmm..ok, let just see if Fouziah Ghous do the talks. Anyway, I'm wondering if Fouziah Ghous have boyfriend or not. If have then, piece of my advice to Fouziah Ghous boyfriend (if any), hurry take her to marriage! Lots of people wait turn to tackle this pretty Fouziah Ghous.

I can't wait Fouziah Ghous announcing her wedding! Ops, maybe it's too early. Hey, wait a minute..what happened to Fasha Sandha's wedding? Didn't she plan marrying kerabat or something like that? I'm confuse la..

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