Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Gambar Fasha Sandha Seksi

This picture i stole from some one blog. I received this pictures in my forwarding e-mel group, but now i have chances to publish it in artiskini blog. It was Fasha Sandha pose with Awie in her new movie or something like that, i'm not really sure.

The fact is, Awie sure have a lot of Iman just to hold his breath seeing Fasha Sandha white cleavage. It was so gebu and you can see it clearly through the pictures. (more sexy pictures after the jump)

Some other fascinating super sexy pose from Fasha sandha.

Her gossips in Melody was sure a hot topic nowadays. It was said she get mad at the reporter. Some of the Artis selebriti reporters even claimed Fasha as a mean celebrity Artis. They want to boycott her from the media, but she protect herself as being innocent. Fasha was doing the right thing? WHo know? Lesson here, don't messing around with the media, or you're out of the game. So, hope all fans can still see Fasha Sandha face on the TV and of course her gossips around the media and internet!

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