Monday, 18 August 2008

Gambar Kahwin pembaca berita TV3, Nurhaizi dan Ahmad Fazlan

HAIZI menerima mas kahwin RM1,000 daripada suaminya, Ahmad Fazlan.

Numbers of couple choosed historic date 08/08/08 as their wedding day. This include Haizi who was also a TV3 personality, who had her wedding on that day.

For some people who don't know, Haizi once being a singer under NAR Records and had one album titled Terus Melangkah in year 2004. Her husband Ahmad Fazlam was a success entrepreneur business man. Haizi learn a lot from Fazlan, and she respect him for that. She has been knowing Fazlan for years but only these few months makes them closer and decide to get engaged in marriage.

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