Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Mamat Felda Ngorat Acha Septriasa?

Acha Septriasa one of the most popular Indonesian artist. She is now dating with Irwansyah. One of the cutest celebrity also right? I just read that now Acha Septriasa who was studying in Malaysia at Universiti LimKokWing, Cyberjaya. Guest what, now Acha was one of the most hottest and popular student in her college.

But then, there was this rumors and gossips among LimKokWing students that Acha was seduce by a Felda Boy. Did i just type seduce hehe. It's not a seduce, but just a "ngorat2".

However Acha Septriasa don't want to, maybe that Felda boy was not even his taste. Far and far from being the same level as Acha's boyfriend Irwansyah.

Also gossips said, this cute Indonesian artist had one Indonesian friend there in the University. A guy that have afro hair, believed guiding Acha Septriasa wherever she goes..

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