Sunday, 24 August 2008

Perkahwinan Aziz M Osman -Wedding on 16 August 2008

Aziz M Osman, a well known Director now married to Ustazah? Well, that's the truth. Let us recall this,Aziz M. Osman divorce with Nur Aliah Lee or Vee last few months. Ok, here's the history, Aziz and Nur Aliah married on 19 Januari 1992 and had been blessed with four child, which is Puteri Asyiqin, 14, Putera Nur Iman, 12, Puteri Nur Aisya, 9, and Puteri Nur Ain, 6. Nur Aliah also happened to be Aziz second wife.

He was married before and had one daughter name Puteri Nurul Fatehah, 19 tahun. No wonder this is why Aziz M Osman choosed to direct a sitcom series titled Puteri at TV3. This was upon his child names. Hrm..

However, that was all passed and now Aziz M Osman already got a new pretty wife which also looks not much far than Aliah herself. Hrm, maybe that is Aziz taste. However, may the wedding be blessed and let's pray no more cerai-cerai. Here it is, Aziz M OSman and his wife during their wedding (akad nikah kahwin) last 16 August :

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