Saturday, 27 September 2008

Actor Paul Newman Died

Actor/philanthropist Paul Newman, his impossibly blue eyes playing off an often-gruff demeanor, had a way of making even his most rakish characters appealing.

Off screen, he was beloved with no strings attached-for the hundreds of millions of charitable dollars generated by his popular food products as well as for the low-key, high-class public life he led with his wife of 50 years, Joanne Woodward.

The winner of two honorary Oscars and one competitive one has died at 83 after battling cancer, a spokesperson for the actor announced Saturday.

"He's one of the giants," said film historian/critic Leonard Maltin. "From the time he established himself as a star in the mid 1950s to this day, he has remained a star. His name has retained its potency in the public eye. That alone is pretty remarkable."
Source: News Network

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