Friday, 19 September 2008

Did you watch Kisah kaisara? Then i bet you know this cute girl Sari Yanti. She's pretty and she played well during kisah kaisara episode at TV3. Sponsored by KOTEX never been better. By just looking at Sari yanti face in below picture, reminds me of Lana Lang in Smallvile Episodes played by Kristin Kreuk.They look a like, but Kristin Kreuk is much-much prettier hehe.

Latest gambar cun Sari Yanti from Kisah Kaisara:

Sari Yanti plays as Kaisara and she played it well. Looks naturally as a high school student instead of her real age 23 whom studies in UNITEN in Kisah kaisara episodes. If you want to ber Sari Yanti friends, you can add her at Lots more personal gambar artis cun Sari yanti there for you fans.

Story taken from What's Up-Gambar artis Sari Yanti.

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