Saturday, 13 September 2008

Fara Fauzana HotFM

Well who don't know this gurl? Fara Fauzana or Fafau from Hotfm Radio. I still can remember her first appearance in Melodi with Wahid Senario hosting the popular TV3 program. Fara had style, i admit that.That's which makes her unique in her own way a selebriti dominating best hosting TV programs and also at the same time best Radio DJ.

Special for this coming Hari Raya, TV3 will features Fara Fauzana personal life. The program Raya called "Raya Bersama Fara" which will be at TV3 this 5 October 5pm.
So, all Fara Fauzana hotfm Fans makes yourself free to watch it! In that program they also invited Faizal Ismail (FBI)Hotfm, Afdlin Shauki,Misha Omar, Fara's mom and dad and others.

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