Sunday, 7 September 2008

Jibara Malay Rockers!

Jinbara rockers, who don't know. They already step up among other malaysia rockers performing their songs during Juara Lagu awards. Their famously song Farhana really grab so much fans out there.Kumpulan Jinbara members were Tia, Chepot, Ah Tan and Anjang.
Lately, they have been criticize badly by some irresponsible people..

There are claims that Jibara group was just a "kampung" group. They had only fans from kampung rather than Lembah Klang. It is true they do perform in kampung sometimes, but that doesn't meant they like kampung group. They just said they accept the criticize with an open heart.

Now they were working on new album with Ahli Fiqir title Suara Kita. Check it out!

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