Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Mukhsin Movie in Paris

Who don't know Yasmin Ahmad? She is the most popular director in Malaysia. Is that overrated by me or what? Ok, have you watch Mukhsin movie by Yasmin Ahmad? If not then you better go to the nearest pirate DVD/CD shop available at your home..ops!!hehe. Rush to the nearest legal..i repeat, legal and standard price DVD (make sure certified by the lembaga hasil dalam negeri). Mukhsin movie, i would describe symbolic and full of message.

Believe it or not, Mukhsin still hot plays in Paris now. Yes, for the past three months! That was an outstanding performance there! Bravo! Yasmin Ahmad delivered all her ideas to the public,and it was really worth to watch. I can;t wait for her new film movie Muallaf and Talentime.

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