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Norman Hakim, Memey Ditangkap Basah-Khalwat

Pelakon siri Gerak Khas, Norman Hakim atau Mohamed Nurhakim Zaidon, 32, telah ditangkap khalwat bersama pelakon baru, Memey atau Suhaiza Suhaimi, 20, di sebuah premis perniagaan Jalan UP 1/2, Ukay Perdana, Ampang, awal pagi tadi.

Penolong Pengarah Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor (JAIS), Mohd Hidayat B. Abd. Rani, berkata pelakon lelaki dan pasangannya itu ditahan pada jam 3 pagi oleh 5 anggota penguatkuasa JAIS dan 2 anggota polis.

"Pihak kami telah mendapat aduan daripada orang ramai sebelum membuat serbuan ke atas premis tersebut. Pada mulanya mereka enggan membuka pintu sehingga berjaya mendapatkan kunci daripada seseorang.

"Apabila masuk kedalam ruang pejabat itu, kami telah bertemu dengan wanita itu manakala Norman sedang menyorok di bahagian belakang. Ketika itu kedua-dua mereka berpakaian lengkap.

"Mereka berdua didakwa di bawah Syeksyen 29 Enakmen Jenayah Syariah Negeri Selangor 1995 atas tuduhan berkhalwat," katanya kepada ketika dihubungi sebentar tadi.

Norman adalah suami pelakon Abby Abadi dan mereka mempunyai tiga orang anak iaitu Mohamed Danish Hakim, Marissa Dania Hakim dan Maria Danish Hakim. Mereka bernikah pada 8 Januari 2002 dan pernah berpisah buat seketika pada Mei 2006.

Baru-baru ini, Norman dilaporkan tidak pulang ke rumahnya pada Ramadan lalu tetapi menafikan rumah tangga dengan Abby sedang bergolak kencang.

Dalam pada itu, Memey pula pernah menafikan kepada bahawa dia mempunyai hubungan intim dengan Norman. Memey yang juga anak saudara pelakon Darling Ngasri, pernah membintangi drama Graduan, Elit, Pasrah, Dunia Baru 3, Roda-Roda KL serta Tragedi Oktober.

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The issue of domestic upheaval, which built more than six years ago with actress and former singer, Abby Abadi, Norman Hakim(picture) faced with a new controversy - this time he was arrested berkhalwat with new security, Memey Suhaiza early this morning.

They hold Selangor Islamic Religious Department (JAIS) in Norman offices in Ukay Perdana, Ampang near this, at around 3 am.Couples that are expected accused in Sharia Court in Gombak this January.

Chairman of boosting power JAIS Regional Karachi, Khairul Hazri Solomon said, the operation run as the information received at approximately 2:30 am.

They were released after investigations completed at approximately 4 am."Not once disintegrate the door, brother Norman arrived (in the area and officials Norman)," he said.

mStar Online understood both dressed in full when they rush has been done and taken to Central Police Station for questioning.

In addition, Norman, a popular security through the drama GeRAK with a Special when contacted mStar Online, not to win the event.

However, he explicitly said: "But here I want things that actually happened. Around 10 o'clock at night, and four more workers I hold a meeting in my office."

"Memey is also one that join this meeting since August, he helped a lot in terms of management after my workers stopped," he said.

Then around 12 o'clock midnight, clearly Norman, he quit to continue discussion with the Chief Executive Officer and return back to the office around 1 am."I continue to level two officials also Memey when I was at level 1 and I found one of the management staff, Natalie is also home Memey and only live there," he said.

Norman said, not long after she heard noises in the lower level.
"Only after I came down immediately and find JAIS already in there.
"In fact, my brother also arrived at the office after he received a call from him because Memey heard noises outside of the office," he said.

Therefore, he said, he did not know how these things can occur because it is not that at all.
"JAIS said they received complaints that we are in suspicious circumstances while I was in Memey and office of different levels.

"I do not know who make such complaints to the JAIS ... some people may also have sabotaj, ever since my own is still confused.

"What is sure, I still give JAIS cooperation with the authorities and the police do after that. Indeed I also pertikaikan action they initially, but not to fight because despite whatever, I follow the procedures that I set them," said Norman.

According to the father to three children, he explains what is true to his wife, Abby.
As a husband, Norman said, he certainly admit that things difficult by his wife.
But, said Norman he does not want the event again household harms their family problems are particularly excited been recently.


Beginning this week, Abby had spent the fact that he seems not take by Norman again, that not long to return home since last Ramadan.

However, actors aged 32 years to win it when it is present in the ceremony razor plume children bongsunya weeks ago and asserts that he did not go home because of busy locations in the drawing, but still well with the family home in the first before the Hari Raya back to the location of the the feast of the second.
Norman also had to win consecutive spread rumors that I have not married again in secret at the Malaysia-Thailand border is not long and the first woman said Memey which is popular with the drama with a Mahsuri.

This couple is also before had been divorced around May 2006, but refers back a week later.

Abby Abadi Response

Review the information on the relationship with Abby ekoran incidence of seclusion arrested, said Norman, he was pleased that the matter be resolved between them alone.

"I was not menghubunginya during the incident, but yesterday morning I met with them and explain the shortcomings of its own. Yes, indeed there was little tension, but things can be resolved. I need more time for the Pole," said Norman.

Differs with the fact that Norman is trying to improve their relationship, Abby, which then contacted to provide distinct reactions when asked about the incident komennya valid.
"General seen with the relationship that we are indeed to the crisis ... even before this incident also apply. I do not know how to response to a question like this. I consider this case is the answer to the problem of household upheaval us.

"What can I say, not when I get out about this case. But I do not cry. He came there with my last meet, but what are the reasons he, people will still see him the guilty," said Abby in sad tone .

Abby Asked whether the incident will affect their relationship again that the husband-wife, Abby replied:

"Yes, it will be extreme. I have been despondent. It is my old heart and my feelings are not kept.

"What is my responsibility for this, it is not able to diluahkan again. Let the fact that any issuing, I have my own reality.

"What I hope, I pray to God that I lembutkan hati memaafkannya. That's it," said Abby.

T MEMEY reluctant commentator

Meanwhile, Memey contacted reluctant reviewing information about the incident.

Through SMS, Memey said: "I apologize, I just need to make space and time to clear up my mind.
I will explain everything."

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