Sunday, 2 November 2008

Kampung Boy -Datuk Lat

Recently, an implement the 'Kampung Boy' version of the German Book Festival was held at the International Frankfurt, Germany. Majalah 3 programs have the opportunity to make it exclusive coverage of the launching.

Datuk Lat, which also holds office as a crime journalist in the New Straits Times before served as the cartoonist still in the early years 70an.Now, after almost 50 years, Datuk Lat continue to carve a name as a cartoonist who respected in Malaysia and internationally.

'The Kampung Boy' that was first published in 1979 that translated to the German translation by the National Institute of Malaysia (ITNM), in cooperation with the German publishing company, Horlemann Verlag.

The book has been translated to nine languages around the lives of children grow up and do in the Malaysia villages. In addition to applying the values of family and friendship, Kampung Boy introduces the Malaysian way of life that is rich with culture and customs.

"When I visit to the United States in the year 1977, not Therefore I made this book that recounts the life in our countries. The Kampung Boy not only has the potential to open minds and eyes of foreigners or people to recognize our own culture and way of life is unique, even elements of comedy and a positive message about the family ties and friendship.

This is also one of the effective initiatives to promote Malaysia. . Apart from identifying more closely our countries, travelers may visit Malaysia, which will be read and bring them back to their country too, "said Dato Lat receive a special award from the Association of the German-Malaysian weeks ago.

Kampung Boy is a universal story and can be accepted by people outside the country, although stories in a village in Malaysia.

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