Thursday, 13 November 2008

Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr Wedding?

Actor Orlando Bloom who really popular with the film Pirates of the Caribbean with his girlfriend, Miranda Kerr and the couple reported planning for their wedding day.Now they already engaged, i wonder why i don't have their engagement picture.Whose going to be Orlando Bloom and Miranda wedding planner?I bet lot of people want to sponsored their wedding.

According to one source to Star magazine, they are planning to get married this year.

"Although both Miranda and Bloom busy on their career, their relationship is very strong and he'd like Miranda to be his wife," said the source said.

Often spend time together romantic, Miranda, 25, also wears expensive jewelery, including diamond encrusted bracelet hand present mostly by Orlando, 31.

These actors have been reported to spend U.S. $ 2,000 (RM7, 100) to buy goods packaging in a charities's bid, specially for Miranda one of the models for Victoria's Secret.

Add the source, "Miranda had throwing all goods given by her former boyfriend. He now uses only goods that present by Orlando."How sweet. So, let us wait up for their wedding!

Source: WHat's Up

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