Sunday, 21 December 2008

Gambar Kahwin Mawi dan Ekin

Mawi and Ekin wedding (gambar kahwin Mawi and Ekin)exclusively brought to you by Astro. Yeah, they own Mawi,and so no live Video kahwin Mawi and Ekin you can see on other channels.Perhaps you can find one from Youtube on Mawi Kahwin Ekin.Modern and contemporary, that's how i can describe Mawi and Ekin wedding. Their wedding reception , was glamorously held up in the Close Stadium Majlis Bandaraya Johor Bahru last night. Both Mawi and Ekin were like royal couples weding.Gosh!

Gambar Eksklusif Kahwin Mawi dan Ekin

Gambar Mawi sarungkan Cincin pada Jari Ekin

Gambar Mawi Kucup Ekin di Majlis Kahwin
Credit Picture: Oh Bulan

Well, apart from that kiss from Mawi to Ekin, i bet all people wishing they all the best on their marriage. Hope don't end up like any others silly artist who stupid enough to know what marriage was and forget their vows.So,you have any other gambar kahwin Mawi and Ekin?Feel free to share it here the links just for Mawi and Ekin fans!

Source: Gambar Kahwin mawi dan Ekin-Eksklusif

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