Sunday, 7 December 2008

Syamsul Yusof Haslam dan Diana Danielle Beeson Berpisah

This is probably something that hot-blooded males would like to hear. Diana Danielle, 17 is no longer with Syamsul Yusof, 24. They had broken up. Syamsul and Diana Danielle had a fight last week which had resulted in Diana reporting the incident to the police.

He was surprised! When asked on what form of aggression he had done to Diana, Syamsul prefers the matter to be referred to Diana. Adakah Diana Danielle dipukul oleh Syamsul? Oh well. Well, today newspaper tell us that Syamsul did hit her. Diana still hurt her head and one of her ears.Syamsul want the incident peacefully settle between them, but heck you hit her man!WTF loser!Diana in Jakarta now, let us see where this two couple story go from here. I bet melodi TV3 will had full coverage over this one!

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